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The company’s objective in establishing this "Code of Conduct" is to promote ethics, honesty and professionalism within the company and among its employees. The company believes in being an integrated organization and that the action of every employee affects its entire organization and reputation. Any employee is obligated to strive for the extension of the Company’s interests within legal limits, and be responsible of preventing damage or loss to the Company’s interests. The company expects all employees to abide by this Code in carrying out their duties and functions so as to preserve public trust and to ensure the company’s sustainable growth and development.

2. Scope:-

This policy applies to all the Employees of the Company. Employee shall mean all individuals on full-time or part-time employment with the Company, with permanent, probationary, trainee, retainer, temporary or contractual employment. The Company also expects its manager to lead by example and perform their duties in accordance with this policy.

3. Conflict of interest:

Each Employee is expected to avoid situations in which his or her financial or other personal interests or dealings are, or may be, in conflict with the interests of the Company. Accordingly, the Company expects its Employees to act in the Company's interest at all times. Employees shall not engage or appoint directly or indirectly their family members and relatives in the Company either as an employee or vendor or consultant, without prior approval of Compliance Officer of the Company.

4. Protection of Use of Company Property:

All Employees of the Company are responsible for protecting and taking reasonable steps to prevent the theft or misuse of, or damage to Company's assets, including all kinds of physical assets, movable, immovable and tangible or intangible on property, corporate information and intellectual property such as inventions, copyrights, patents, trademarks and technology and intellectual property used in carrying out their responsibilities. All Employees must use all equipment’s, tools, materials, supplies, and Employee time only for Company's legitimate business interests. Company's property must not be borrowed, loaned, or disposed of at any stage whatsoever in nature. All Employees must use and maintain Company's property and resources efficiently and with due care and diligence.

5. Confidential Information

The Employee shall not, during the Term, except in the proper course of his/ her duties, divulge such Confidential Information to any Person whatsoever, or remove any Confidential Information, in whole or in part, from the Company’s premises, without the Company's prior written permission, and shall use her best endeavors to prevent unauthorized publication or disclosure of any trade secret(s) or Confidential Information concerning the organization, business, clients or finances of the Company , or any of its or their dealings transactions or affairs which may have come to his knowledge during or in the course of his/her employment with the Company. The Employee shall keep with complete secrecy all Confidential Information entrusted to his/ her, and he/ she shall not use or attempt to use any such information in any manner which may injure or cause loss either directly or indirectly to the Company and/or its or their business or clients, or may be reasonably likely to do so. This obligation shall continue to apply after the termination of this Agreement without limit in point of time.

6. Verification / Documentation:

Your continuation in service will be subject to submission and verification of following documents:

  • Documentary evidence in proof of your date of birth (10th Class certificate).
  • Copy of Adhaar Card
  • Residential Proof both for Permanent & Current address.
  • 2 passport size photographs.

7. Acceptance of Gift and other benefits:

Employees should not give or accept gifts, entertainment, or any other personal benefit or privilege that would in any way influence or appear to influence any business decision. Accepting money, gifts, entertainment, loans or any other benefit or preferential treatment from any existing or potential customer, supplier or business associate of the Company, is strictly prohibited, except occasional gifts of modest value and entertainment on a modest scale as part of customary business practice, with prior approval of Compliance Officer. It is unacceptable to directly or indirectly offer, pay, solicit or accept any kind of inducements or bribes. Any attempted transaction of this nature should be immediately reported to the Compliance Officer. The funds and resources of the Company shall not be used directly or indirectly for any such purpose. In case of conflict between this clause and Anti Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) policy, the ABAC policy shall prevail.

8. Whole time attention:

All Employees shall devote their working hours for the completion of allocated duties and may not without the prior written consent of the Company (and subject to any terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Company) engage themselves in dual employment.

9. Harassment:

The Company is committed to provide a work environment that is free of inappropriate behavior of all kinds and harassment on account of age, physical disability, marital status, race, religion, caste, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Employees are responsible for supporting the Company in its endeavor to protect others from any form of such harassments. In the course of business conduct of any Employee, wherever harassment occurs to any such Employee as a result of an act or omission by any third party oroutsider, the Company shall take all steps necessary and reasonable to assist such affected Employee in terms of support and preventive action.

10. Fraud:

The act or intent to cheat, trick, steal, deceive, or lie is both dishonest and, in most cases, criminal. Intentional acts of fraud are subject to strict disciplinary action, including dismissal and possible civil and/or criminal action against the concerned Employee. Some examples of Fraud include:

  • a. Misappropriating assets or misusing Company's property.
  • b. Unauthorized handling or reporting of transactions.
  • c. Inflating sales numbers by shipping inventory known to be defective or non-conforming.
  • d. Making any entry on Company records or financial statements that is not accurate and in accordance with proper accounting standards.
  • e. Any particular act which is unlawful as per the applicable laws.

11. Disciplinary Actions:

The Company may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow the code of conduct, even after the warning/show cause notice issued earlier. Disciplinary actions will vary depending upon the violation such as:

  • a. Demotion
  • b. Suspension or termination for committing the serious offences.
  • c. Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time.
That Company has the discretion to take legal action against the aforesaid violation or corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behavior.

12. Relationship Employment:

The Company will not entertain any relationship employment, Extra-marital affairs or any kind of affairs between any employees in the Company, which affect the business of Company. If found, then Company will take strict legal action against the said employees.

*Compliance Officer shall mean the person duly appointed and designated by the Company.

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